Join or Renew Membership

        General Information

  • Membership is open to any staff member in a college or university counseling center who is directly responsible for coordinating the clinical service aspect of the agency’s services, including the day-to-day coordination and implementation of those clinical services. The members of ACCCCS have a variety of job titles including clinical director, clinical coordinator, assistant director, associate director, and director.
  • If the counseling center has multiple people sharing the role of clinical director, by whatever titles, each person who wants to be included in the listserv and eligible to attend the annual conference must join as a member.
  • The membership year is February 1 – January 31. 

        New Members 

  • For those who join as a new member (i.e., not replacing a current member as described below in Change of Clinical Director) when joining between
    • February 1 and July 31 the membership fee is $350.00 with membership continuing through January 31.
    • August 1 and January 31 the membership fee is $175 with membership continuing through January 31.
  • The membership fee is separate from the conference registration fee that is due when registering for the conference.
  • To join ACCCCS as a new member (not replacing a predecessor), click the blue ‘Join Now!’ button.

        Renewing Members

  • The Call for Membership Renewals goes out by email each year by December 1.  A reminder goes out in early January.  A final reminder will go out by February 1, and members who have not renewed by February 15 will be removed from the listserv.

        Change of Clinical Director

  • A new clinical director can replace their predecessor at no cost prior to the membership expiration date.
  • To replace a predecessor, send an email to Richard Reams, membership officer, at [email protected], and provide the name of the former clinical director, the name of the new clinical director, and the email address of the new clinical director.

PRIVACY POLICY: Please read our Privacy Policy.

REFUND POLICY: We do not offer refunds for membership registration/renewal fees.