About Us

Welcome to the ACCCCS!

The Association for the Coordination of Counseling Center Clinical Services (ACCCCS) was formed in November, 1996 when a group of clinical services coordinators and clinical services directors representing colleges and universities from around the country met at The Ohio State University to discuss common interests and concerns.

Membership in the association is open to any staff member in a college or university counseling center who is directly responsible for coordinating the clinical service aspect of the agency’s services, including the day-to-day coordination and implementation of those clinical services. Currently, directors, associate directors, assistant directors, coordinators, and staff members hold membership in the association. The aim of the association is to be inclusive and welcoming of all persons in counseling centers with responsibility for coordination of clinical services.


Statement of Purpose

  • To promote the exchange of ideas to enhance the provision and management of clinical services at counseling centers
  • To create opportunities for professional development and continuing education for individuals responsible for the coordination of clinical services at counseling centers
  • To provide support, as well as role and function clarification, for individuals coordinating clinical services at counseling centers
  • To promote collaboration and cooperation with other counseling center personnel, administrators, and organizations in the provision of clinical services


"ACCCCS Then and Now" was presented at the 2012 ACCCCS Conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  To see the presentation, click on this link: accccs-then-now.pdf